Mehfil-E-Mushaira – Andaaz – E- Dubai

In this episode, the host welcomes Naeem Akhtar, who starts the Mehfil with his best collection. Later, he is followed by some more master poets like, Tariwar Sultan, Johar Kanpuri, Popular Meerathi, Prof. Wasim Barilvi, and Peerzada Qasim. To enjoy the magic of these maestros, please watch entire episode.

Mushaira is very a famous and beloved part of tradition, especially in North India and Pakistan. It is admired by all, who like the core Urdu and Hindi poetry in its purest form. Mushaira is an unique way to present Shayari, Ghazal or Qalam by the poets. It is a form of poetry in which recitation can be done in a normal or song form. The program starts after the host invites the guest poet, who comes forward to recite his best of collection, penned by him. is private

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